Linda Karr & Anne Ruth Isaacson present at  23 August 2018 painting unveiling; Photo by Taylor Tynes

Tammy & Linda: Painting Unveiled 23 August 2018 in SLC

A Little Background on "Tammy & Linda"

I have known Linda for over 11 years. I never knew how ill she was until a Wednesday night dinner in January 2016, when she confided in me that just walking across the street was difficult for her.  She told me she had been on a heart transplant list for 2.5 years, and if she did not receive one soon, she did not know what would happen.

Miraculously, within days she got the call of a donor, she received a heart transplant the next day.

A couple months later, I was able to visit her. That is when she told me she met the heart donor. I thought, "what are the odds you would meet someone, and later, have their heart inside you."

Then she explained that Tammy, the donor, was still alive, and they in fact met after their surgeries!

In preparing this painting, I not only spent time with both Tammy & Linda, but I also met with the surgeons and doctors who made these miraculous surgeries possible. Tammy's surgeon, Dr. Joseph Woo, Linda's surgeon, Dr. Jack Boyd, Tammy's Pulmonologist, Dr. Gundeep Dhillon and Linda's Cardiologist, Dr. Michael Fowler are depicted in the foreground of this narrative painting.